Tuesday, November 30, 2010

floral print small tote

this is my 3rd tote bag.
i always believe "practise make perfect".
size: 36cmW x 24cmH x 10cmD

brown washed linen fabric also from ikea.
dunno why lots wrinkler.haih..sob..

floral print fabric which i bought from ikea.

internal view 1
2 pocket with pink lace.

internal view 2
success to put a zip, but need more practise.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

my diapers bag

2 more month to my due date.
i decide to made myself a diapers bag so long ago.since i fall into sewing.
haha..now i made it, but i'm not sure it pratical to use or not.
one thing for sure the bag capacity is big enough.

i'm quite satisfied, just i think the bag was too soft for me.

put a fabric button & some lace.

closer view.

1st time tried to use the leather snap button.

internal view.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Showroom Gallery 3d proposal

this is a developer showroom gallery.
the reception area.
using 2'x2' black colour polished floor tile.
the reception counter to be in timber laminate finish & bronze mirror.
backdrop will be in black colour glass or black colour emulsion paint.
depend on the budget they have.

the corridor to show unit behind.
we have wall feature panel to display the properties or advertising of this company.
wall feature panel to be in wallapaper finish.

waiting or discussion area.
the client decide to put big clear glass to allow better indoor lighting.

actually this is the 1st proposal without the big clear glass panel.
so i can put one brochure corner.

the last, a indoor garden with skylight opening.
will be planting some easy maintainance plant.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bungalow Exterior

doing a bungalow exterior 3d illustration lately.
the 1st proposal follow exactly the drawing from the owner.
(but the owner don't like it!)

carporch is flat roof which the contractor request to look more modern.

left view.
i put stone feature wall to create balinese feel haha.

right view.
too flat so i add double wall for the grey colour feature wall.

below is the second revision, just change the material & colour scheme.
(owner still got comment, even the house design is come from himself.)

the carporch move to right hand side to fit in 3 car.

left view.

right view.

this is 3rd revision,
move the carporch roof to attached to the building structure
because they think the front wall too flat.
too bad i bet they'll have 4th revision!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

my 1st Tote bag

this is my 1st tote bag. can't wait to sew one for myself after i got all the fabrics
which i online purchased before.
i using cotton linen fabrics to do this bag.
only can say is not easy.haha..





Monday, November 15, 2010

my 2nd handmade-passport holder

after the 1st one failed,
the second day i try to do the second try.
my friend's birthday was around the corner ^^
and i also can't wait to try my new sewing machine!

front view

back view

internal view

finally, sent out with nice gift pack!

my 1st handmade-passport holder

never thought i will start using sewing machine..
inspired by many 'high hand' artist in blogspot.
i believe i can do this too,so on i did my 1st try!

i think the colour conbination is really not bad.haha..

can u see the sengek lace?

i love the button so much.^^

really not presentable.