Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bungalow Exterior

doing a bungalow exterior 3d illustration lately.
the 1st proposal follow exactly the drawing from the owner.
(but the owner don't like it!)

carporch is flat roof which the contractor request to look more modern.

left view.
i put stone feature wall to create balinese feel haha.

right view.
too flat so i add double wall for the grey colour feature wall.

below is the second revision, just change the material & colour scheme.
(owner still got comment, even the house design is come from himself.)

the carporch move to right hand side to fit in 3 car.

left view.

right view.

this is 3rd revision,
move the carporch roof to attached to the building structure
because they think the front wall too flat.
too bad i bet they'll have 4th revision!


  1. If u thicker most of the structures i think it should be more solid. Sunlight setting need adjustment,and the camera setting make u lost some points! jia you~~

  2. actually i using wrong render method to render the waiting for the architect to amend the facade.then only i re-render.
    thanks for ur comment!