Thursday, July 14, 2011

10 set of ready made kitchen cabinet

the concept to design this series of kitchen cabinet is cash & carry!
(will be selling in hypermarket very soon!)

 of course, we always prefer to get a kitchen specialist to design+built our kitchen.
but for those with tight budget, they maybe couldn't afford to do this.

with this concept, they can buy part by part within budget.
 just get the dimension of the ideal place to install cabinet,
then choose the compartment/color,
mix & match~
design your style~!

 first, i present a set of basic unit kitchen cabinet in white color~
i think this is safe choice for most of the people.

 i used to wish i could have a set of pink kitchen cabinet.
but my 'boss' won't agree!
how about yellow? not bad huh~?haha..

 ok, let's see the blue color choice.
i don't think people can accept this color~

 then, black..look good to me~

 dark brown base with white frame~

common choice, timber color.

i love red + black color!
yellow again! full set full with yellow!

haha,red again..


  1. I like the yellow one!!! hehehe~

  2. Just are you going to market this series to those hypermarket?

    Love your different units models and ideas to market the kitchen. it will be great that you can further explain about marketing these sets to local hypermarket. Thanks!