Wednesday, April 7, 2010

a modern classic home

this is the design proposal for the feature wall at study & corridor.
(after few time practice for vray rendering,ok~ just like it!)

TV feature wall design proposal.

another view.

ok,now the picture before renovation.
this is an old condo selling in extremely high price because of the location.

the old feature wall

ok, after 2 month renovation period.
this is the end result.sorry for my poor shooting skill by my poor camera.
we drag so long for the renovation for a small condo because of the short working hour.
strictly only can work on mon - fri & from 9am - 4pm

TV feature wall complete! da..dah!
i swear to improve my shooting skills after this!

new feature wall in spray paint finish.

nice matching.

the master bedroom headboard design.we still looking for the crystal to put
between the joining of the cushion.

view to the foyer. all loose furniture by owner.
the progress is not smooth at all, but finally we get it done although is out of time frame.
but the most important is client is happy to move in.

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