Tuesday, April 6, 2010

the most happy job in my working life

design proposal
(still practicing for my 1st time vray rendering, i know look not so nice..)

master bedroom design proposal

dining & kitchen design proposal, love the kitchen so much.haha..

after that, site visit..
start the work!

this is wonderful experience to handle a nice client with smooth renovation progress. I'm really appreciated. I'm enjoyed most of the time even the site is far far away from my office!

first, the common area..
living & kitchen

master bedroom..the curtain track installation is most headache part.


picture shown above is before renovation.

after renovation..

this is master bedroom..

a leisure corner in master bedroom..

view from living area..

view to dining & kitchen

view from dining area

nice experience! client & designer both get satisfaction on this job~
this is the motivation for the designer to move to another job!

thank you ^^

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